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YORK. An important Charles II Drinking Bowl made in York in 1678.

£ 8,950

The Drinking Bowl is of an unusually large size and is chased all over with daffodils, tulips and foliate motifs. This was a popular form of decoration at this date, which originated on the continent and returned with Charles II upon the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660. Although seen on London silver, this decoration is rarely seen on York pieces. This design was produced in York during this period and a similar example is contained in the Lee Collection in York Minster. The side of the main body is engraved with a set of initials, as is the base. The base is very well stamped with the York Town mark and the distinctive date letter for 1678.

Height: 2 inches, 5cm.

Diameter: 3.45 inches, 8.63cm.

Weight: 5oz.