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WILLIAM & MARY. A very fine Seventeenth Century Trefid Spoon made in London in 1691 by Lawrence Coles

£ 1,750

This very fine example is modelled in the Trefid style with a reeded rat tail on the reverse. This piece is very well marked and is engraved at the top of the stem with the contemporary initials M.W. This spoon is in excellent condition, with a fine bowl. Lawrence Coles was a prolific spoon maker during this period and was apprentice to John Smith, gaining his freedom in 1667. He had workshops in Foster Lane when this spoon was made. He was elected to the prestigious position of Warden in 1712, 1715 and 1716. The reign of William & Mary only lasted from 1689 to 1695, when Queen Mary died and William went on to reign alone as King William III. The amount of spoons which exist from this short period are therefore limited.

Length: 7.5 inches, 18.75cm.