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THE TREATY OF PARIS. A very rare George III Vinaigrette made in Birmingham in 1814 by Samuel Pemberton.

£ 1,550

The Vinaigrette is of a slender broad rectangular form, with cut corners. The cover is engraved with doves of peace, sitting on a battle quiver of arrows, above a circular cartouche engraved with a set of contemporary script initials. Each side displays trailing floral sprigs on a scratch engraved ground. The base is engraved with a central floral panel, surrounded by prick dot bands. This rare piece opens up to reveal a grille pierced and engraved with a cornucopia surrounded by flower heads and foliate motifs. The vinaigrette is in excellent condition and is very well marked.

Although this is an old Classical design, it is thought that these Vinaigrettes were produced in 1814 to celebrate the Treaty of Paris, signed on 30th May, 1814, establishing peace between France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria & Prussia. The armistace had been signed on 23rd April, 1814 between Charles, Count of Artois, and the allies. Napolean had abdicated, as Emperor, on 13th April, as a result of negotiations at Fontainebleau.

Length: 1.55 inches, 3.88cm.
Width: 1.1 inches, 2.75cm