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THE CORONATION OF KING GEORGE IV. An important George IV Parcel gilt Crown Vinaigrette made in Birmingham in 1821 by Joseph Willmore.


This very rare box is modelled to simulate the State Crown. The Vinaigrette is parcel gilt, which is where the gilt has been engraved away, to see the silver, giving the sparkling effect of the diamonds in the crown. This piece has a circular suspensory ring which is chased with flowers and shells and opens up to reveal a hinged grille pierced and engraved with pluming scrolls, within a corded frame. The Vinaigrette is in excellent, crisp, condition and is fully marked on the bezel and with the maker's mark on the underside of the grille.

These Vinaigrettes were made for a matter of months, in 1821, to celebrate the lavish Coronation of King George IV in 1821 and examples are extremely rare. Examples are shown in 'Investing in Silver' by Eric Delieb, page 111 and 'Silver Boxes', also by Eric Delieb, page 147. The Crown is also shown on the front cover of 'Silver Boxes', such is its rarity. This is only the second we have offered in over fifty years. A portrait of King George IV, in his Coronation Robes, with the crown by his side is also attached.

Length: 1.1 inches, 2.75cm.
Width: 0.9 inches, 2.25cm.
Height: 0.45 inches, 1.12cm.