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Queen Anne. An extremely rare Queen Anne Commemorative table Tobacco Box, made almost certainly in London circa 1708.


The box is oval in form with deep silver sides and a reeded rim at the base. The base is also inset with a plain tortoiseshell panel and was almost certainly a table tobacco box. The slightly domed cover has a silver reeded rim and is inset with a silver medallion, made by the medalist John Croker, commemorating the capture of Sardinia and Minorca in 1708. The obverse depicts a crisp portrait profile, in relief, of Queen Anne in low dress, her hair tied in a knot at the top of the head. The legend being ANNA.D:G:MAG:BRI:FRA:ET:HIB:REG. The reverse shows Winged Victory holding the English Flag in her left hand and a palm branch in her right hand, standing on a shell on the sea. Sardinia and Minorca are on either hand in the distance. The legend on this side reads: SARDINIA.ET.BALEARIS.MINOR,CAPTAE. (Sardinia and Minorca taken.) MDCCVIII. The medal is also signed I.C, for John Crocker. This piece is in quite excellecnt condition, with a very crisp medallion.

These medallions are extremely rare and one is housed within the collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. It is most unusual to find commemorative boxes at this date, especially with a rare Croker medal inset into the cover. An example from his workshops, commemorating the Coronation of Queen Anne, is shown on page 89 of British Silver Boxes 1640-1840, the Lion Collection.

Length: 3.75 inches, 9.38cm.

Width: 2.75 inches, 6.88cm.

Height: 1.3 inches, 3.25cm.