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HESTER BATEMAN - A very fine George III Sweetmeat Basket made in London in 1786 by Hester Bateman.

£ 2,450

The Basket stands on an oval foot which is pierced with horizontal pails and roundels and displays an applied beaded rim. The arched swing handle, and rim of the main body, are also decorated with applied beading and the main body is beautifully pierced and engraved with a band of stylised flower heads, as well as floral motifs in roundels. The main body is engraved with various bands of wriggle work designs, as well as floral garlands. The basket is in excellent condition and is very well marked near to the rim.

These baskets were used for sweetmeats which became popular in England at the end of the seventeenth century and were usually referred to as sweet confections. This concept originally began as a way of preserving fruit and nuts in sugar. Hester Bateman modelled her sweetmeat baskets as exact miniatures of her bread and cake baskets. A similar example can be seen on Plate XV of 'Hester Bateman by David Shure.

Height, to the top of the handle: 5 inches, 12.5cm.
Length: 6.25 inches, 15.63cm.
Width: 4.5 inches, 11.25cm