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An unusual pair of 'Onslow' end Salt Cellars made in London in 1781 by Robert Hennell.


The Salt Cellars stand on an oval stepped pedestal foot which is decorated with beading. The main body also has a beaded rim and very unusual Onslow scroll ends. The sides are pierced and engraved with two bands of vitruvian scrolls as well as Neo-Classical urns in roundels. The main body is also engraved with herring bone garlands, as well as a small set of contemporary script initials, contained within a prick dot circular cartouche. The Salts are in excellent condition, have blue glass liners, and are very well marked in the foot. This is a most unusual style, which does not appear often on the market.

Length: 4.6 inches, 11.5cm.

Width: 2.6 inches, 6.5cm.

Height: 2.5 inches 6.25cm.