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An important George II Gold Mounted Hardstone Snuff Box made almost certainly in London circa 1735/40.

£ 11,250

The box is modelled in the escutcheon form which was fashionable at this date. The cover and base are inset with two exceptionally beautiful shaded agate panels. The agates are in excellent condition and show unusual fossilised foliate sprays. The cover has reeded mounts and a slightly protruding thumb piece. These boxes nearly always have plain sides at this date, however this example has been very unusually chased with hunting scenes in a rural landscape. The front panel depicts a stag hunt, with the stag being chased by a large hound in a rural landscape with trees in the background. The back panel displays a fox hunting scene, with fox being pursued by hounds. The fox hunt scene is incredibly detailed as there is a church, with spire, and windmill in the background. The two side panels depict a swan, swimming on water in one panel and taking off in flight in the other. Each pictorial panel is divided by a chased trellis work panel with incuse sides. The box is of the finest quality in terms of design and production and is in most excellent, original, condition. The box comes with its Spink box, an important firm which were established in 1666.

Length: 2.9 inches, 7.25cm.
Width: 2.1 inches, 5.25cm.
Height: 0.9 inches, 2.25cm.