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An important & Extremely rare George III Biscuit Canister made in London in 1809 by Joseph Ash I.


The Tubular Canister is decorated, on the main body, with an upper and lower band of acanthus leaf motifs. This encloses two vertical bands of Rococo shells and raying shell motifs on a matted ground. The pull off cover is decorated with raised Rococo shells and trailing vines, also on a matted ground. The top displays an outer border of acanthus leaves. Both the cover and the side of the main body are engraved with a contemporary Crest surrounded by a Garter engraved with the Motto Nil Sine Corde. The Crest is that as used by the Edmondson family. The interior of the main body and cover displays some of the finest gilding we have seen on a piece of this nature. The Canister is in excellecnt condition and is fully marked on the interior of the base and with the makers mark on the rim of the main body. The cover is marked with the makers mark, date letter and sterling mark.

Biscuit Canisters from the early 19th century are extremely rare and very few were made at this date. This is the first we have offered for sale. The quality, and weight, of this example is exceptional, comparable to that of Paul Storr. Joseph Ash was one of the finest box makers working in London during this period.

Height: 7 inches, 17.5cm.

Diameter: 4.25 inches, 10.63cm.

Weight: 26oz,