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An extremely rare & unusual Snuff Box made in Birmingham in 1840 by Gervase Wheeler.


The Snuff Box has a very unusual shallow broad rectangular form, with rounded ends. The sides are chased with trailing foliage and flower heads and the cover is beautifully engraved with engine turned concentric designs, surrounded by pluming scrolls. The centre displays a vacant cartouche, also surrounded by scrollwork, and the hinge is finely concealed by the exceptional engraving. The base is engraved all over with pluming scrollwork around a circular central frame unusually containing a hare at rest in a rural landscape. The interior displays fine, deep, original gilding and is very well marked. Gervase Wheeler was a very fine silversmith who was known for his quality snuff boxes and vinaigrettes. This is a most unusual design of box, which was mainly produced in the workshops of Wheeler. It is in quite excellent condition.

Length: 3.45 inches, 8.63cm.

Width: 1.45 inches, 3.63cm.