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An extremely rare George IV Vinaigrette modelled as a Cornucopia made in Birmingham in 1828 by John Bettridge.

£ 3,250

This very rare Vinaigrette is beautifully modelled as a Classical Cornucopia. The bottom horn section is finely detailed and engraved with corded bands. The top section is also finely chased with flowers and leaves. The cover opens up to reveal a gilded interior and grille pierced and engraved with pluming feathers and scrolls. This design is, again, very rarely seen and they are almost always from the workshops of John Bettridge. The Vinaigrette has its original suspensory chain. An identical example is illstrated in, Starting to Collect Silver, by John Luddington.

Length: 1.6 inches, 4cm.

Width: 1.2 inches, 3cm.