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An extremely rare George III Irish Combination Snuff Box/Vinaigrette made in Dublin in 1813 by Richard Sawyer.


The Snuff Box is of curved rounded rectangular form and is engraved all over with unusual lattice work, containing snowflake designs. The top opening reveals the Snuff Box with finely gilded interior and the side has a flat concealed hinge which opens up to reveal a Vinaigrette, with grille pierced and engraved with flower heads and foliate motifs. Combination boxes are extremely rare, the only other example we have offered being from Birmingham. This is the first Irish example we have seen and it has to be emphasised that Irish Vinaigrettes are especially rare. This example is in excellent condition.

Length: 2.75 inches, 6.88cm.

Width: 1.25 inches, 3.13cm