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An extremely fine and rare George II Ladys Beer Jug made in London in 1750 by Thomas Whipham I.


The Jug stands on a cast and applied stepped circular foot which is decorated with reeding. The pear shaped body rises to a slender neck which is also decorated with an applied reeded rim. This example has a sparrow beak pouring spout, with pendant drop below, and a beautiful plain scroll handle. The front of the main body is very beautifully engraved with a contemporary Armorial, surrounded by a strap work, shell and foliate spray cartouche. The Jug is in excellent condition, has a very good colour and displays crisp marks in the foot. Thomas whipham I was a fine quality maker, however this is not surprising, as he was apprentice to the Royal silversmith, Thomas Farren.

Height: 8 inches, 20cm.

Length, spout to handle: 7 inches, 17.5cm.

Weight: 23oz.