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An exceptionally rare Naturalistic clam shell nutmeg grater made in Birmingham in 1863 by Hilliard & Thomason.

£ 2,950

This very fine piece is one of the rarest of the naturalistic nutmeg grater designs and was made by the superior silversmiths, Hilliard & Thomason. The Nutmeg Grater is realistically modelled as a Clam Shell and displays a very crisp textured surface to simulate the exterior of the shell and opens up to reveal the silver rimmed steel grater. This example is in excellent, crisp, condition and is fully marked on the bezel. Clam shell Nutmeg Graters are exceptionally rare and this is only the fourth we have offered over all of the years and they nearly always come from the workshops of Hilliard & Thomason. A near identical example is contained within the Robert & Meredith Green Collection of Nutmeg Graters and is shown on page 41 of the catalogue.

Length: 1.65 inches, 4.13 cm.
Width: 1.45 inches, 3.63 cm.
Depth: 1.45 inches, 3.63 cm.