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An exceptionally rare George IV Indian Colonial Drinking Tankard made in Calcutta Circa 1830 by Hamilton & Company.

£ 3,850

The Tankard has a slightly tapering form and spreading base. The sides, and rim, are decorated with horizontal reeded girdles and the stepped, domed, cover terminates in a stylised melon finial. The "S" scroll handle has a heart shaped terminal and is decorated with a leaf capped top. Most unusually, however, is that the base is inset with a glass bottom, which some say is so that the drinker could see if any undesirable characters were approaching. The front of the main body is very finely engraved with a contemporary Scottish Crest of a lion rampant holding a shield engraved with the Sovereign's Crown. The Motto "Perseverando - By Persevering" is engraved on a drapery banner base, in the Scottish manner. The Tankard is in quite excellent condition and is a design which was made in England from 1785 and by Robert Hamilton in Calcutta, as early as 1813. The side is very well marked with the maker's mark H & Co (stamped upside down), crescent tally mark, Elephant, and the Roman "A". A number of Scottish silversmiths, including the Hamilton family, went to India, and started up their silversmithing businesses. They produced very fine quality pieces, in similar designs to those seen in Britain, with an Indian twist. This is seen with the unusual finial on the tankard.

Height: 7.5 inches, 18.75 cm.
Base Diameter: 4.45 inches, 11.13 cm.
Weight: 29oz.