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An exceptional George IV Silver Gilt & Agate Dessert Service. Made in London in 1824 by William Knight II.


The Dessert Service comprises of twelve pairs of Dessert Knives and Forks, 24 pieces in total. Each piece has an unusual chamfered shaded agate handle and silver gilt tines and blades. The service is in excellent condition, is very well marked and displays a ribbed moulding where the handle is attached to the silver section. It was the Georgian tradition, in the grandest houses, to eat dessert with silver gilt and the shade of agate is also most unusual. The service is contained within its original brass bound wooden case, which is lined with silk and velvet. William Knight was a specialist maker of Dessert Services and serving slices, which almost always show a very high standard of production.

Length of the knives: 8 inches, 20cm.

Length of Forks: 7.1 inches, 17.75cm.