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An exceptional 'Book' Vinaigrette made in London in 1856 by Rawlings & Summers.


The Vinaigrette is designed as a book and is hand engraved. The cover depicts a window, through which is seen a river scene, with bridge and castle to one side. This is all surrounded by parcel gilt acanthus scroll work. The base is similarly engraved and the centre displays a floral spray. The side is engraved to simulate the spine of the book and is engraved with flower heads and Keepsake on the label. The interior is finely gilded and has a grille hand pierced and engraved with pluming scrolls and flower heads. Rawlings and Summers made the finest book Vinaigrettes at this date and a similar example is illustrated in Silver Boxes by Eric Delieb, Page 106, Plate 171.

Length: 1.75 inches, 4.38cm.

Width: 1.1 inches, 2.75cm