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A very unusual Vinaigrette engraved with a rare view of Warwick Castle from the River Avon. Made in Birmingham in 1843 by William & Edward Turnpenny.


The Vinaigrette is of a large size and broad rectangular in form with a raised cast edge, chased with foliate motifs and unusual flower heads in each corner. The sides and base are decorated with pluming scroll work, on a scratch engraved ground. The centre of the base is engraved with a contemporary initial, contained within a scroll cartouche. The top is most beautifully engraved with a rare view of Warwick Castle and the Avon and bridge in front. We think that the influence for this engraving was the sketch, The Castle across the River Avon, of 1830, by Joseph Mallard William Turner, which is contained within the Kenilworth Sketchbooks, which are now in the Turner Bequest. The scene is also surrounded by an engraved frame of scrollwork. This is a design of Vinaigrette, which we had previously not seen. The interior is finely gilded and displays a grille pierced and engraved with pluming scrolls and a flowerhead. The box is in excellent condition and is very well marked, including a good makers mark and duty mark on the underside of the grille. The work of William & Edward Turnpenny is scarce, and is comparable in quality and design to that of Nathaniel Mills.

Length: 1.8 inches, 4.5cm

Width: 1.38 inches, 3.45cm