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A very rare George III Vinaigrette, Bacchus in his Chariot, made in Birmingham in 1812 by Thropp & Taylor.


The Vinaigrette is broad rectangular in form, nearly square, and is engraved on the cover with an oval containing a detailed depiction of Bacchus, God of Wine, in his chariot being pulled by two deer. Bacchus holds a goblet of grapes in his hand. The oval is all surrounded by a frame of wriggle work and prick dot designs. The base is engraved with prick dot borders and a central floral sprig. The interior displays exceptional gilding and a cast grille decorated with a simulated filigree heart, unusually centred with a Rococo raying shell. The filigree work is surrounded by a beaded frame.

Length: 1.5 inches, 3.75cm.

Width: 1.25 inches, 3.13cm.