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A very rare George III George III cast Wine Label made in Edinburgh circa 1815 by William Peat.

£ 1,100


Scottish Wine Labels are scarce, however to find a cast one is exceptionally rare.  The label shows the Scottish interpretation of the Bacchus and Banner design which was being produced in London, at this date.  The label is shaped oval in form with a border of grapes, flowers and foliate motifs.  In addition a reclining Bacchus, with cherub, is shown on the top and a Satyr mask below.  The label is also engraved with the contemporary inscription:

To Miss M. Graham for best


From Cal Hort Soc 1816.

Cal Hort Soc refers to the Caledonian Horticultural Society. These labels were the subject of an article in the Wine Label Circle Journal in 2003 and it would appear only twelve are known to be in existence, which makes them very rare and desirable indeed.  There is no doubt that the WP maker's mark is for William Peat as he is the only silversmith in Edinburgh listed in the Post Office Annual Directory, for Edinburgh and Leith for 1816, with the initials WP.  In the Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths' marks list produced since 2003, the only WP mark there is ascribed to William Peat.  Scottish cast labels are exceptionally rare, especially from this series.

Length: 2.9 inches, 7.25cm.

Width: 2 inches, 5cm.