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A very rare Charles II Ladys Drinking Cup/Mug made in London in 1683 , makers mark of TE, with pellets below, page 138 Jackson.


This rare piece has a plain bulbous body with cylindrical neck decorated with numerous encircling lines. The handle comprises of a flat ribbon of silver bent into the customary S form and is chased with longitudinal lines on the outer side. The base is well marked and the smaller size of this piece leads us to believe that it may well have been for a Lady or child.

These type of Mugs first appeared during the reign of Charles II, the smaller examples being referred to as cans and followed closely the form of similar vessels in pottery, somewhat like the Rhenish stoneware pots so often mounted in silver during the reign of Elizabeth I. The maker is recorded on page 138 of Jackson.

Height: 2.5 inches,6.25cm.

Diameter at the widest point: 2.5 inches, 6.25cm

Weight: 4oz