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A rare 'Pheasant' Vinaigrette made in Birmingham in 1843 by Nathaniel Mills.


The Vinaigrette is broad rectangular in form with serpentine shaped sides. Both the base and cover are engraved with a beautiful frame of pluming scrolls and flower heads. The base unusually displays a finely detailed pheasant, surrounded by rayed designs. The cover displays a vacant scroll cartouche, also surrounded by rayed engraving. The incuse shaped sides are engraved with scrolls and display a foliate thumbpiece. The interior is finely gilded and displays a grille pierced and engraved with feathery scrolls and a flower head. This piece is very well marked, including a makers mark on the underside of the grille. Nathaniel Mills was an extremely fine maker and this is very much shown in the quality of this box.

Length: 1.6 inches, 4cm.

Width: 1.25 inches, 3.13cm.