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A rare George III Snuffer Tray and Scissors. The Tray made in London in 1777 by William Taylor and the Scissors made in London in 1779 by John Buckett.


The Snuffer Tray is modelled in an unusual waisted form and displays a raised rim decorated with a band of applied beading. The centre of the Tray is engraved with a contemporary Crest and the base is very well marked. The Snuffer Scissors are of typical form and are decorated with beading below the oval finger rings. The snuffing box, central boss and end are engraved with crisp bright cut designs and the same Crest, as is shown on the tray. The Scissors are in excellent condition and are very well marked. It is unusual for both a tray and snuffers to remain together after all of this time.

Length of Tray: 8 inches, 20cm.

Width of Tray, at the widest point: 3.1 inches, 7.75cm.

Total Weight: 10oz.