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A rare George III 'Horseshoe' Vinaigrette made in Birmingham in 1811 by Cocks & Bettridge.


The Vinaigrette is modelled in the rare horseshoe form and is engraved on the cover with a Saltire cross, with central oval, in addition to stylised foliate motifs and prick dot bands. The interior is finely gilded and marked and displays an exceptionally rare Fisherman grille, showing a dolphins tail, crabs claw, sea shell and fishermans net. This is the first time we have seen this grille. An example of identical form, with different engraving, is shown in Silver Boxes by Eric Delieb on page 101. The Vinaigrette is by the same makers and is of the same date as the example we are offering for sale.

Length: 1.1 inches, 2.75 cm.

Width: 1 inch, 2.5cm.